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There is something missing in our churches. What happened to the altar where the saints gathered to do business with God? Do you have the heart of an Altar Builder? Abraham built altars. So did Isaac, Jacob, Noah, David, Elijah and many others. It’s a new day. A day to return to the altar. Check back often as we build this site to be an altar of dedication in the digital domain. 

Sponsored by Russ and Kitty Walden with Father’s Heart Ministry

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    1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Bible Study, as always…but I needed it…
      I rejoiced as brought out the differences between old testament vs new testament prophets.. and also regarding the tension that comes between apostles and prophets..and how an apostle is suppose to have people close to them… i broke out laughing again, when Jesus tells Nathanael, you haven’t seen nothing yet..lol..but most of all thank you for the prayer to see angels, to see them ascending and descending..i look forward to what your angel will reveal to me… i sense a paradigm shift in my spirit
      i do have a questions… my first is did Daniel see Gabriel or the Lord during his 21 day fast? Yesterday, i was reading Daniel’s encounter this “certain man” and i was reading also about when Moses and Israel saw the Lord on Mt. Saini.. and the description of the Lord.. thanks for your help.. God bless you all profusely..

    2. I like the Father’s Heart Ministry and to now see that you have the alter call is a blessing. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry from strength to strength.

    3. Thank you so much for your prayers and support and love you showed me in times of Trials and Tribulations until now.

    4. Good day. I would like to hear more on this subject because it is so needful in
      the days ahead.

    5. This is definitely God bringing His divine altar back. I would love to participate in being an altar builder and tear some satanic altars down.

  1. Hi Waldens,

    the last months I have been thinking about the biblical altars built in the Old Testament by the Fathers of our faith- especially Abraham.
    I do have an altar room in my house and use it as spiritual meeting point for me and my friends that want to follow God.
    Be blessed, I thank you for your faithfulness – I`m in…

  2. I have recently connected to a man of God who preaches the Altar of God, and God has made him the guardian of the Altar as an intercessor for the people. In the local churches I attend – you hear come if you have need of prayer or if you want to be saved but people in every generation need to be taught the importance of the altar. This message that Pastor Russ, spoke on today, 04.03.2020, part 5 of God groundbreaking series. I desire strongly an encounter with God, I want to have the conviction of souls that Finney, Evan Roberts, Jesus Christ, the Apostles, the Disciples, Believers, I have a strong desire to preach but have been so misunderstood but God is working on this for the work of His Kingdom. I also would like to sell myself cheap for the sake of the gospel. Yes, I pray bend us O’Lord, but for myself I pray bend me O’God, bend me according to thy will and use me and let that change begin in me. I want to preach the word unapologetically, and let the word do what it does. I want to teach and preach and do whatever the Lord desires of me. I need to get free of the financial blockages and move toward the success of being free to obey my Father with no restrictions. The word was so timely I stopped to come and write that I am here to represent the Kingdom of God and I want the people that God uses me to speak to and to teach to be moved by the presence of God in me as it was with Jesus, Finney and others of great use for the Kingdom. Lord put a word in my mouth and when You fill it, I will empty it to be filled again and again. I come to the altar of God for a cleansing or all debris, guile, anything in me that is not acceptable or pleasing to the Father in repentance so that I may now repent and be made clean to touch others with a clean heart and safe hands anointed by a loving Father, God. Thank you for how you all have blessed my life.

  3. no my church does not have an alter, and i was just talking to someone about this. need to create one in my home.

  4. Yes I agree – it can be too liberal in church with lots of worship but notalways the chance to do business with God. We need to be lead continually by the Holy Spirit and not mans agenda.

  5. This is really helping my Church and my life. I see a great turn arpound in my whole life . I have been a Pastor for 5 years now but am seeing a great change in me because your prophecy.

  6. We as children of God for gotten about going on their knees giving God first praise. We became worshipers of man the world we wanted to know what it felt like to do what we wanted to do.
    We serve God on Sunday and Monday during the week we work then go home then just do things that were not of God laws. We say we love Jesus we understand why he died for us but as a nation as the body of Christ we took him out and but the world in. This why the true church has fallen. We are like the childern of the book of Genise the book that speaks of Moses the book that speaks of Daneil it has to take this for us to see the true living God. This is Gods will to bring his children back to the altar .

  7. Thank you both for pouring out of yourselves into us with such Godly Love. I appreciate your reading the bible to me I am soaking in the word and able to absorb so much more out of the word by listening to Gods word as you bring it to life in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. In Jesus name I pray that others will be led also by the Holy Spirit to come and be poured into as well Amen. Love you dear Brother and Sister, Bless you both

  8. Grace&Peace, thanks 🙏! Since I‘be learned to pray a little better & more often it’s been good! I sense there’s more in Jesus regarding prayer! May the 7 Spirits of YHWH Elohim fill me with Revelation knowledge of all His Kingdom
    Will & Purpose for my life!!! My home needs to be a place of prayer even more!

  9. For me, the alter call is in my heart. The Lord has written His word on the tablets of my heart. I have been a disabled woman for many years. We have not found a church fellowship where we fit, with all the activities we cannot afford or attend. I have fellowship with other believer’s by my phone, at this time. We love the Lord Jesus Christ, He is our Lord, and Saviour. His word is my delight!
    “You who are greatly beloved, peace be unto you, fear not; be strong, yes, be strong ! Daniel 10:19

  10. My name is bassumo urban am from Chad I have heard obout church of God of now now and I decided to know if the church can able to give me what I want I will be a full member the only thing I want is money power and protection thanks

  11. My name is bassumo urban am from Chad I have heard a bout the church of God of now now and I decided to know if this church can able to give me what I want I will be full member the only thing I want is money power and protection thanks

  12. I have never seen an alter in every church I have attended. I attended many churches in search of help of the same problem I shared with you.

  13. Thank you fro this initiative. The altar is a place of negotiation with God. It is a place of fellowship and exchange. A place of worship. And so when more and more we need the digital space I would like so much to kneel before the altar of the Lord, with others.
    May the Lord continue blessing and growing this ministry.

  14. An alter indeed is a special place, I always had the feeling of going to a near deserted place where I live, whenever I feel anxiety, fear or far from the Lord, I would always call the space “the place” for it was my place of worship away from everything, the place of quietness, the place of fulfillment, I remember the being scarce from the place for a long time, until I had that feeling again of going and visit, it was of great pain when i reached the place and there was absolute dryness what broke me the most was to find the tree that I’ve marked the spot with chopped, somehow I felt connected to that place, it was my place of meeting with my God, yes I know He is an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God, indeed He doesn’t need a particular place to hear us, but to me that place was my alter. But ever since it is a public place I had in my spirit to make another special place for me, now I’m busy making a new garden, and I intend to make it my place of meeting with my Father.

  15. I just woke up and said I need more prayer time
    I must hear from the Lord on a secondly basis.
    So much going on.

    Do I need a website I have business websites but not personal

  16. The church where I am does not believe in alter as I have started teaching them also of the prophetic ministry. On my side I have established one 2 years ago. I don’t know whether I have done it the right way. I need you to guide me how to do it.

  17. yes I have a prayer altar in my home we have a prayer altar at our church and I’m also part of two prayer groups online I believe when the Lord says we should pray without ceasing that exactly what he meant and nowadays in the time of chaos and confusion prayer is much-needed

  18. First time I ask for prayer through this app. I’m a Christian and I pray constantly for my family and church family that God be with us through this pandemic storm we’re going through and I’m very confident that he will. I have chronic kidney disease and I pray I don’t need dialysis, I need to be well to serve my Lord in whatever he wants me to.

  19. In agreement -Back to the Altar because Prayer changes things! I am an Altar Worker at my church and Thank God that when the enemy attacked me in my foot, with 2 broken bones in my ankle, God healed me so I could go back to the Altar! This is His Business to restore those clinging to the Altar for Help in every area of their life! Less than a Month after returning to the Altar, churches closed their doors and Covid 19 put folks in fear! Pray for me and you are on the RIGHT Heart of GOD!

  20. I feel a stirring in my spirit that when we go back to church things are going to explode with praise & worship! Yes live streaming us good but nothing like coming together in the Father’s house! Ty Jesus!

  21. We most of us are as much as wicked generation as to when back ages ago , a change has to come the world /people righteous cannot go on with injustices , that is what is happening there will be a multitude from all nations , creeds , races standing with an olive branch singing a new song at throne of GOD . The harvest is ripe ….

  22. Our Pastor, Danny Brummett no longer invites us to come to the alter to pray. And he no longer asks does anyone have a prayer request or need prayer. But oh my he can PREACH!
    I’m praying for him. We dearly love him & Sister Mary. He always wants to leave immediately after church. Maybe he has a physical ailment????

  23. Russ & Kitty WALDEN are a blessings of the Universal Church, not only for American people, not only for White men, but for all the body of Jesus Christ.
    They have been a blessing for a period of trouble in my life. Their dpw (daily prophetic word) has encouraged me and given me to overcome the ennemies’ plans.
    Thank you for.
    In Jesus Christ,

  24. Clearly … For the last 9 years I have worked as a surveyor crossing all over the United States I work for an engineering company and that causes quite alot of moving. I have in purposed and alter within my heart and spirit ,recently . I was given a back Lot in an RV park… And heard the Lord say build me a sanctuary and so I did and although I won’t be here permanently The quietness than I have sitting outside is amazingly meditative and study Is relaxing.

  25. When you ask the questions about the alter. Do you have an alter, does your church have an alter. I’m pretty much alone when it comes to the alter. My church’s alter is very weak. There are only a couple who stand and pray and there are those who pray really well, but their faith isn’t evident. I myself am not a person of many words. I pray a lot in the Spirit and weep most of the time I pray. When I ask for prayer, they basically send you to a doctor. I truly believe much of our illnesses have to do with a spiritual issue that God is trying to clean us of, but nobody really has an answer when questions arise. It is much easier to say, you will get through this, rather than face it. I sit back and I see this happening and I have been at a loss where to go with it. I believe in digital network, but I also believe in the touch. Laying hands on people which I am not seeing much these days. It saddens me. Sometimes I dream on jumping on a plane and having Prophet Russ and Kitty put their hands on me. When you talk about sitting at someone’s feet like Mary did Jesus, I can picture that but I don’t know anyone where you can sit like that anymore. It’s difficult for me to explain how I feel. I remember the old family alter. I remember sitting around at the table and hear all the wonderful stories of the different ministers that came to our home for dinner. I remember my dad laying his hands on me and it just seemed to bring so much peace. It may be because I have been single for the last 10-12 years and haven’t had many sit at my table. I am one who always gives out, but rarely am able to sit at someone’s table to receive. I love that I have Father’s Heart Ministry to hear. But, there are times I just need a touch.

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